Figura by Martino Gamper

Figura, an innovative armchair resulting from the expressive freedom of the artist Martino Gamper

Figura is an innovative idea for designing an armchair and is an expression of the mix of design, art and craftsmanship that distinguishes Gamper's creative process.

Figura is a modular armchair that can be "built" to your liking, combining the different parts that make it up in a variety of ways: seat, backrest, armrests, and sides. These 4 elements - entirely covered in fabric - are offered in 3 different shapes each: some are angular and sharp, others are softer and more bodily figures. It is the use of Rubelli fabrics that enhances the personality and uniqueness of this singular armchair.

Gamper, referring to the various forms, speaks of "a sort of new alphabet of figures capable of creating a language that is an expression of a polyhedral imagination that combines past and present."

This vocabulary is enriched by the possibility of choosing from a range of rigorously selected Rubelli fabrics, such as Bouquet, Fabthirty, Fabthirty+ and Mundus, all of which can dialogue with the shapes created by Gamper. The fabrics - whether velvet or tweed, flame retardant or natural (wool or linen and cotton), elegant or informal - describe each individual armchair, giving it personality and uniqueness. The shapes belong neither to the past nor to the present and are neither minimalist nor maximalist. Pure expression of Gamper's singular and lyrical imagination, they defy any classification.

Suitable for the most diverse environments, these comfortable armchairs personalise the spaces in which they are placed, making them more lively and witty.

With these words, Gamper exemplifies the creative process behind his work: "I like to create pieces of furniture more than sculptures, objects that can be used by people. Of course, I do it with the freedom of expression of an artist. For me, this is what counts, not having to follow well-trodden paths, making products that we already know […]”.


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