Rubelli at Palazzo Reale

Rubelli, the historic Venice manufacturer of textiles (and now of high-end furniture and furnishing accessories too), is once again involved in an operation of restoring the drapery, curtains and upholstery in a historical residence, in its dual capacity as supplier and sponsor.

The city is Venice, the residence is the Palazzo Reale, the rooms part of the layout of the Reggia, in the Museo Correr.

The renovation in stages of the nineteenth-century rooms, with illustrious previous occupants that include Princess Sissi, Emperor Franz Joseph and finally the Royal House of Savoy, began a few years ago.
After donating the curtains for the Sala dei pranzi settimanali and for the Sala Ovale, reopened to the public between 2009 and 2010, Rubelli is now present with three elaborate lampas fabrics in further four rooms which look out onto Piazza San Marco.
The new fabrics are the result of complex and varied work of reconstruction by Rubelli designers and technical staff of the original pure silk Lyon lampas whose patterns, colours and proportions have been carefully copied. The materials however differ since in public spaces (and therefore also in museums), in accordance with safety regulations, flame retardant yarns necessarily take the place of the silk.

The first phase of the work centred on an analysis of the colour scheme. In order to match as far as possible the colours of the original drapes and hangings the small pieces of fabric that had been preserved best over the centuries were examined. Specifically they were those taken from under window frames or behind furniture and therefore less exposed to light, dust and rubbing.

The colour variants of the three nineteenth-century lampas fabrics were, broadly: yellow-red, rust red-beige and blue-beige, with highly elaborate and elegant shading and tonal effects. Thanks to careful analysis and a series of tests of dyeing both the warp and the weft, it was possible to reproduce the refined nuances of the original lampas.
The entire work was based on an almost craft approach so that the drawings were produced by hand to reproduce the effects of the original lampas, all very luxuriant.
Graphic acquisition of the image was followed by painstaking work to develop the structure.

Rubelli’s great skill – the company specialises in producing items in silk – can be seen in the ability to re-create high-quality lampas using flame retardant yarns.
Know-how made up of craftsmanship and ongoing technological innovation, and also a passion for the particular type of work: these are the bases and values which have led Rubelli to make its own contribution in countless restoration projects in the name of a textile tradition and a love for art which have been longstanding features of the Venice group’s past.
Rubelli fabrics furnish and add value to world-famous theatres, museums, castles and palaces in Italy and other countries. Palazzo Reale in Venice is only the last in a series.


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