Rubelli at Biennale di Venezia - Silk Map

The 55° Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte of the Biennale di Venezia heralds the return of Rubelli to the Padiglione Venezia thanks to the project Silk Map

The collaboration with the world of the Arts is present in the Rubelli DNA since the first participation to the early exhibitions: already in the 1899 catalogue the company appears mentioned as weaver of the “ciselé velvets that decorate the rotunda” of today’s Padiglione Italia.

Later, in the Twenties and Thirties, thanks to the deep relationships with highly renowned artists, such as Umberto Bellotto, Guido Cadorin, Vittorio Zecchin and Gio Ponti, extraordinary textile patterns – such as Modern Art, Tragicomica, Punteggiato, Rattopato - will be created and exhibited in the Padiglione Venezia as examples of excellence and of dialogue between the world of the arts and that of the industry.  

This uninterrupted fil rouge retells today, thanks to the intervention of two artists, Marialuisa Tadei and Marya Kazoun  a new way to relate with the arts that brings back Rubelli to the Padiglione Venezia:

Marialuisa Tadei has created the decorative patterns for two fabrics -“Foresta stellata” and “Spirito e Luce” - that will  upholster, both inside and outside, her installation titled “Castello del Sole”. Two sumptuous Jacquards woven by Rubelli, where the extraordinary density of the threads allows for a great variety of colors and textures, thus creating an authentic textile mosaic. The emotional experience of the viewer will be enriched by a music created specifically for the project.

Different is the approach of Marya Kazoun, who will create a sort of parallel world called “Of Selves, Pixies and Goons”. Rubelli has created with her a custom fabric that will be used to make the costumes of the performers who will animate the installation. Other Rubelli fabrics and precious trimmings by Samuel & Sons will dress some animated “creatures” that will explore the space dedicated to the artist within the Padiglione. At the center of this space a sort of ladder - a passageway between different worlds - will be completely covered with yarns and threads in a palette of colors ranging from white to grey.

Threads, yarns and fabrics have been reinterpreted in a new and rather original way, de-structured, brightly colored, surprising, but always, deeply, Rubelli. 

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