Rubelli and Donghia at the Gritti Palace

Rubelli with Donghia, the American brand acquired by the Rubelli Group in 2005, have in all their elegance and impressiveness made their entry in the renovated spaces of Gritti Palace. A historic Venetian palazzo with Gothic façade and interiors with eighteenth-century decorations, the Gritti, once the residence of a doge, the Vatican ambassadors and many other illustrious figures, finally became an exclusive and select hotel at the end of the nineteenth century. In its artfully renovated state it is now once again one of the most aristocratic and charming hotels in the world.

Radical remodelling of the building, taking over almost a year and a half, saw the interior decoration part assigned to the Donghia Associates design firm in New York. The design director of Donghia Associates, Chuck Chewning, who is also creative director at Donghia, by basing on a detailed project for the salvaging and restoration of existing parts and the use of new furniture he designed especially, was able to create sophisticated spaces with the special feature and merit of making guests feel as if they are staying in a private home, welcoming and unique, rather than a large hotel.

21 high-class suites bear the names of famous figures from the world of art, literature and Venetian “jewels”: John Ruskin, Ernest Hemingway, Somerset Maugham, La Fenice and Redentore, just to mention a few. Without forgetting the world’s first Donghia Suite, furnished throughout with Donghia furniture and accessories. A tribute to the interiors designed in the Seventies by Angelo Donghia, founder of the company of the same name. Guests of the Donghia Suite will be able to enjoy the experience of a sophisticated lifestyle in an exclusive setting.

Rubelli textiles have always “dressed” the Gritti, as demonstration of the close link between the historic Venetian company and this luxury hotel where guests will feel very much at home.

Rubelli supplied over 12,000 metres of fabric and rich lampas, velvet and damasked curtains blend in perfectly in spaces that put over different moods in an extraordinary balance created by the right textile coordination (upholstery, fabric wall coverings and curtains) with all the other, existing or new, features - antique furniture, historic Venetian-style flooring, precious wood, oil paintings, Istria stone and marble, handcrafted Venetian mirrors and lamps and also more contemporary and minimalist furnishings, white stucco and works by up-and-coming artists, as in the Patron Grand Canal Suite.

Rubelli has expressed the best in its creations via this high-profile project. Having necessarily to produce flame-retardant fabrics in Trevira CS, the Venice company succeeded in producing, thanks to the use of fine yarns on looms normally used for weaving silk, fabrics with a silky effect and extremely pleasant feel. A total of around 200 patterns in a mix of articles from the collection and others made ad hoc, often reproductions or an exclusive restyling of fabrics stored in Rubelli’s historic archive, such as Baccarat, used in the high-end Club del Doge restaurant, a revival of a precious and rich lampas dating back to the eighteenth century and stored in the Rubelli archive, or again Nastri, a fabric created exclusively for some of the rooms at the Gritti.

Rubelli fabrics in elegant tones of blue, pink, cream and gold co-star in the Donghia furniture lifestyle and find their ideal place in the luxury and eclectic spaces of this true Venetian icon, definitely more akin to a private residence than a hotel.


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