Over 600 Metres of Rubelli fabrics for the Turin Duomo

RUBELLI, the historic Venice company specialised in high-end furnishing fabrics and a world leader, has supplied free of charge, via a professional part sponsorship, most of the fabrics required for the special outfitting of the Turin Duomo for the occasion of the display of the Holy Shroud.

The Rubelli Group, with the Rubelli, Dominique Kieffer, Donghia and Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli brand collections, designs and produces brocade, damask, velvet, silk and lampas and also flame-retardant fabrics in Trevira CS which are therefore compliant with the safety laws for the furnishing of public places.

The Holy Shroud, brought to Turin from Jerusalem in far-off 1578 and last displayed in the year 2000, is to be put on show from 10 April to 23 May for the first time after the major restoration work of 2002.
For the outfitting of the Duomo the event organising committee chose ruby colour velvet and a blackout fabric, both obviously made with a strictly flame retardant yarn.
Rubelli therefore supplied over 600 metres of fabric: more than 500 metres of velvet for the display case backdrop and for covering the cordons which mark off the path of visitors up to the altar, and approximately 100 metres of a blackout material to keep out the daylight from the large windows of the Duomo. One interesting fact: since the windows are set at a height above ground of about 15-20 metres, help was required from a team of rock climbers (from the rock climbing school in Courmayeur), for whom heights are definitely not a problem, in order to attach the fabric.
Rubelli fabrics therefore, after having been used for home interiors and in famous theatres, museums, palazzos and royal residences in many countries in the world, have now entered a holy place, made even more significant and prestigious by the solemnity and importance of the event.

Even without a formal and written code of ethics, RUBELLI has always focused on the social sphere with a presence in places where crises occur, also with personal involvement by the Rubelli family, which has headed the company for five generations.
The opportunity of fitting out the Turin Duomo for the occasion of the display of the Holy Shroud was a great honour for RUBELLI, an event of international scope which will attract visitors from every part of the world and one which is to add a further piece to the hundred-year history of the Venice company.