Graz 2003: Cultural Capital of Europe 2003

54.892 visitors at the exhibition “Rock und Rüstung” at the armoury in Graz supported by Rubelli.
Among all the different events that will take place this year in Graz – Cultural Capital of Europe 2003 – it is important to mention a very original exhibition staged in the famous Museum of the weapons at the “Zeughaus”, one of the biggest armouries in the world with a collection of over 30.000 items: “Rock und Rüstung” (translated: Skirt and Armour).

The exhibition has been sponsored by Rubelli who has donated the fabrics for4 costumes exhibited on the floors of the museum. Female dresses from different periods tell a story of sensuality in contrast with symbols of death represented by the armours and weapons: delicate fabrics take stand against brutal weapons in an unusual and suggestive environment.