2010 Collection

Casin dei Nobili sample book


A varied collection which ranges from semi-plain fabrics to those with figurative patterns with large repeat, for informal and relatively easy furnishing yet always high quality.
Natural materials (linen and cotton) and techniques for creating a raised effect for fabrics with a pleasing feel and bright and cheerful colours.

Fosca. Liserè. Cotton
7602 - Fosca. Liserè. Cotton

10 colours | 88% co 12%pl| W. 140 cm |pattern repeat 10 cm
Semi-plain fabric with the surface covered with tiny rings used to replicate sequins. The rings, in a colour which contrasts with the ground, are arranged in a fan pattern to create the illusion of 3D. This liserè, which can be coordinated perfectly with all other articles in the collection, is available both in neutrals and in bright colour variants, particularly reds and greens.

Bettina. Printed linen
7601 - Bettina. Printed linen

3 colours | 100% linen | W. 140 cm |pattern repeat 100 cm
A printed fabric with large white flowers enclosing other small and stylised flowers in rich colours. All this is structured elegantly on expansive coloured grounds. The special care taken with the colour effect is key in this printed fabric in which colour is the dominant feature. Through the use of more innovative printing techniques it was also possible to create soft colour variations, typical of watercolours.

Rioba. Satin. Linen
761 - Rioba. Satin. Linen

29 colours | 100% linen | W. 145 cm
Rich linen satin made with a delavé dyed yarn which creates delicate colour shading on the surface. The satin structure enhances the natural sheen of the linen. This plain fabric is available in 29 different versions which range from the more sophisticated neutrals to light blues, darker blues, reds and warmer shades.

Casanova. Lampas. Mercerised cotton
7600 - Casanova. Lampas. Mercerised cotton

6 colours | 90% co 10%pl | W. 135 cm |pattern repeat 96.3 cm
Varied and rich decoration taken from the lively pictures used extensively on eighteenth-century Dutch majolica. We find again the typical repertoire of minor scenes taken from daily life and set within pleasing landscape segments even though, compared to the originals, here the pattern has taken on larger dimensions. The new feature is the inclusion of a variety of textures, almost like lace inserts which give this lampas a light touch. A creation which looks fondly back to a noble past and which is tinged with fresh and new colours.

Todaro. Matelassé. Mercerised cotton
7603 - Todaro. Matelassé. Mercerised cotton

11 colours | 91% co 9%pl | W. 135 cm |pattern repeat 41.2 cm
A contemporary fabric, the product of research into fashion in the Thirties. The shiny surface in luxury mercerised cotton satin is marked by diagonal stitching, arranged at all different angles in order to enhance the luminous effects of the actual fabric. The hexagonal shapes which enclose the stitching are a very up-to-date feature, back in fashion in design. The palette starts with a luminous white and continues with neutrals, later touching on unusual accents in the green and yellow, and finally changing to bright shades which reach their highest point in the reds.

Serenissima sample book


Traditional motifs redesigned in a very modern style.
Three jacquard types with a strong personality, a sophisticated striped fabric and a lightweight curtain, all with a silk ground.
A range of elegant fabrics which can easily become part of contemporary furnishings, thanks to a palette of innovative colours which break with tradition.
Serenissima sample book contains the lampas: 19977 Martingala and 19978 Zecchinetta (Lisio Design).

Dogaressa. Pekin. Striped silk
7598 - Dogaressa. Pekin. Striped silk

4 colours | 100% silk | W. 140 cm.
Elegant stripe in alternating satin and taffeta which re-creates the effect of a sequence of ribbons attached to the ground. The contrast of shiny and matte effects, typical of this technique, is accompanied by a small polka dot pattern which is repeated at regular intervals along the edges of the coloured stripes. Dogaressa is 100% silk and suitable for curtains and opulent drapery. The colour combinations have been carefully researched for perfect coordination with other silk articles in the new collection.

Morosini. Lampas
7595 - Morosini. Lampas

11 colours | 57% ac 22 % se 21%li| W. 140 cm | pattern repeat 75.9 cm
The decoration of this lampas comes from the fusion of classical-style motifs with an all-contemporary mood. A continuous pattern, typical of the late Baroque repertoire, runs over the satin ground and the typical sinuous winding of many ornamental forms found in eighteenth-century interiors can be recognised. Drips, in full American action painting style, are distributed over the pattern. A palette which ranges from classic shades to others that are more contemporary in spirit, such as green-yellow and ink blue.

Malipiero. Lampas
7596 - Malipiero. Lampas

6 colours | 52% vi 27% ac 21%se| W. 135 cm| pattern repeat 52.9 cm
Elegant silhouetted flowers are arranged on two large colour grounds, alternately shiny and matte, as a reproduction of an original pictorial work in which the creative spirit is expressed with extreme directness in the irregular patches of colour. As far as the palette is concerned, a series of innovative coloured grounds, such as a yellow-green combined with a lilac and black with gold and silver, create high impact.

Loredan. Lampas with silk ground
7597 - Loredan. Lampas with silk ground

7 colours | 41% co 37% ac 22%se| W. 140 cm |pattern repeat 72.6 cm
This fabric is the result of a remake in a contemporary style of period embroidery from the late Baroque period. It retains from the original the idea of decoration applied to large expanses of colour on the ground, a rich silk satin. The foliage pattern is embellished with the shimmering effects of the colours and the vividness of the weft. A sophisticated palette, rich in neutrals, brightened by the red and illuminated by the yellow.

Marmorin. Double weft fabric
69140 - Marmorin. Double weft fabric

2 colours |48%se 52%li| W. 140 cm | pattern repeat 60 cm
Luxury curtain with elegant decoration across the full width of the fabric: a motif which imitates the veining of marble, traced by the skilful play on linen and silk wefts in an alternation of shiny and matte.

Bancogiro flame retardant sample book


The fabrics in the flame retardant collection bear the names of ancient Venetian coins.
The most important aspect of this collection is its multi-theme quality, both in terms of materials used and the technical features. It ranges from embroidered faux leather to two very innovative curtains, from an oriental-style damask to the geometric velvet and the liserè in Trevira.
A palette with personality which, although making considerable room for neutrals, also introduces a series of bright and saturated colours.

Matapan. Trevira Knit
69142 - Matapan. Trevira Knit

4 colours | 100% pl Trevira Cs | W. 150 cm
Curtain with a technical “knit” structure which makes this article original, different from any other plain fabric on account of its hand and drop. The superior quality of the yarn creates almost metallic reflections on the surface thanks to the light, particularly in the two gold and silver variants.

Caligo. Lace. Trevira
69141 - Caligo. Lace. Trevira

4 colours | 100%pl Trevira Cs | W. 290 cm | pattern repeat 26 cm
Lace curtain with full and cottony hand and a sophisticated weave in a contemporary style. The pattern is initially embroidered on a base in soluble material which is later discarded. The same decorative pattern was replicated by the jacquard technique in the Marcuccio liserè so as to create the potential for close coordination between the two articles, above all in the paler versions.

Scheo. Plain flame retardant leather
7996 - Scheo. Plain flame retardant leather

4 colours | 59%pvc 27%co 14%pl | W. 145 cm
Plain leather like that of the ground of the Palanca and Ducato embroidery, with which it is coordinated. Soft, strong and pleasing to the touch, it is a valid alternative to fabric for upholstering furniture.

Palanca. Embroidered flame retardant leather
7997 - Palanca. Embroidered flame retardant leather

4 colours | 58%pvc 26%co 16%pl | W. 125 cm | pattern repeat 5.4 cm
Leather with a circle pattern created by the embroidery in flame retardant yarn. A contemporary pattern with a simple shape which barely furrows the ground, creating a delicate grid effect.

Ducato. Embroidered flame retardant leather
7998 - Ducato. Embroidered flame retardant leather

2 colours | 54%pvc 25%co 21%pl | W. 130 cm | pattern repeat 13.5 cm
Leather embroidered with a vaguely oriental pattern in which rich and elegant winding motifs entwine to create an all-over decoration thanks to the contrast between the embroidery in shiny Trevira and the ground. The colours are white, ivory, hazelnut and brown.

Bessi. Trevira Velvet
7995 - Bessi. Trevira Velvet

10 colours |100% pl Trevira CS | W. 145 cm | pattern repeat 4.6 cm
Jacquard velvet in which the various pile effects trace circles in a regular sequence on the surface. A light play on interweaving creates elegant tone variations between the decoration and ground. The particularly rich palette has as many as 10 colour shades, moving from light colours to gold, reds, browns, grey and a sophisticated black and very elegant light blue. Its strength and quality make it perfect for upholstered furniture.

Marcuccio. Trevira Liseré
7994 - Marcuccio. Trevira Liseré

7 colours |100% pl Trevira CS | W. 140 cm | pattern repeat 21 cm
Semi-plain upholstery fabric with a contemporary style decoration which reintroduces and imitates the interweaving of lace. A special technique in fact enables the intrinsic sheerness of lace to be re-created. The palette starts off with light and neutral colour schemes to extend to browns and finally arrive at reds and blues.

Osella. Damask. Trevira
7993 - Osella. Damask. Trevira

7 colours |100%pl Trevira CS | W. 140 cm | pattern repeat 43.7 cm
The pattern is the product of an elaboration of oriental decorations such as large frames, lobed and arranged in a chequer pattern which here are skilfully choreographed in a play on shiny and matte, positive and negative. A very modern effect for this damask with its silky and smooth hand.

Vogalonga sample book

Rubelli Outdoor

The fabrics in the outdoor collection are named after Venetian boats.
Textile structures that are technically interesting in their play on textures and the sophisticated raised effects.
A raffia-like yarn has been used to make a plain fabric (Trabaccolo), one with a horizontal stripe (Galeazza) and a miniature tartan (Caorlina).
A second, lighter plain fabric (Pupparin) has a textured surface thanks to plays on the weave.
The same group includes a multicoloured geometric fabric (Mascareta) which, in terms of colour, matches the other fabrics perfectly. Finally a floral damask (Bissona) completes the collection with a creative touch.
The six new articles are the expression of a contemporary spirit and can all be coordinated with each other.
The palette favours neutrals – optical white, ivory, sand and brown –yet also offers a few stronger graded colours such as blue and red.

Caorlina. Pocket weave fabric. Polyester
7608 - Caorlina. Pocket weave fabric. Polyester

6 colours | 100% pl | W. 140 cm
Semi-plain fabric with a tactile appearance in which the use of two warps, one in a thicker yarn and the other finer, creates a check pattern, almost a miniature tartan.

Trabaccolo. Twill. Polyester
7607 - Trabaccolo. Twill. Polyester

7 colours | 100% pl | W. 140 cm
A plain fabric featuring strong tactile qualities created by the weft that is similar to raffia. Full-bodied and very strong, it is particularly suitable for upholstering furniture.

Galeazza. Twill
7606 - Galeazza. Twill

7 colours | 100% pl | W. 140 cm | pattern repeat 7.8 cm
A yarn with the qualities of raffia has been used to produce a horizontally striped fabric with wide bands, always in a neutral colour, raised on a coloured ground. Here too the choice of barré stripes underlines the contemporary mood of the collection.

Pupparin. Irregular twill
7609 - Pupparin. Irregular twill

7 colours | 100% pl | W. 140 cm
This fabric is particularly suitable for lightweight curtains and upholstery. Its surface is marked by thin and irregular ribbing which creates a totally new and original hand and appearance. Seven colour schemes: after the neutrals, in shades ranging from optical white to grey, we have a chic navy blue, brown, bright red and cyclamen which can all be perfectly coordinated with the entire collection.

Mascareta. Pocket weave fabric
7605 - Mascareta. Pocket weave fabric

3 colours | 100% pl | W. 140 cm | pattern repeat 4.1 cm
Octagons and other geometric elements are arranged in parallel rows to form a pattern whose many colours are emphasised by the sheen of the surface. A decidedly innovative pattern in the outdoor segment with a vaguely vintage look.

Bissona. Jacquard
7604 - Bissona. Jacquard

4 colours | 100% pl | W. 135 cm | pattern repeat 100.4 cm
Corollas of white begonias on a coloured ground for this large floral print with a full width repeat and a wholly contemporary mood. This jacquard was produced as a result of the need to upholster, using an original pattern, outdoor furniture which would encourage spending time in the open air.

Bises Design


Two seemingly far-away worlds, classic and contemporary, interact in the Bises collection.
The classic decorative themes in the silk are given a modern restyling with bright colour touches.
The world of nature is the inspiration for sophisticated textile textures, as for example in Crocodile and Broletto.
The palette is one of half-tone colours and is paler compared to previous collections, without foregoing a creative touch.

Crocodile. Printed cotton velvet
22115 - Crocodile. Printed cotton velvet

3 colours | 50%co 50%vi | W. 145 cm | pattern repeat 22.5 cm.
Low-pile velvet with a cylinder-printed crocodile skin pattern. The innovative technique of applying a transparent film on the velvet produces a raised effect. With Crocodile a totally new type of upholstery is introduced, following on from the Vello and Lupo animal print fabrics from the previous collections. Available in three versions: brown, beige and black.

Broletto. Lampas
22118 - Broletto. Lampas

6 colours | 32%pl 32%ac 14%co 9%vi 8%pc 5%me | W. 130 cm | pattern repeat 0.8 cm
This fabric can be coordinated with the Griante and Villa Carlotta lampas, with which it shares the same colours which are used here in a 3D version. Heat-shrink wefts created a raised and chiaroscuro effect on the surfaces, illuminated by a metallic yarn.

Villa Carlotta. Lampas
22117 - Villa Carlotta. Lampas

1 colour | 74%co 18%se 8%vi | W. 140 cm | pattern repeat 78.8 cm
This lampas, in a single colour variant of ivory, has the same swirling acanthus pattern as Griante, embellished with a flight of butterflies in bright colours.

Griante. Lampas
22116 - Griante. Lampas

6 colours | 22%se 78%co | W. 140 cm | pattern repeat 78.5 cm
The large pattern is a reproduction of stylised and swirled acanthus using modern graphics techniques. The extensive satin silk surfaces are treated in the same way as large sheets on which elegant scrolls and luxuriant foliage can be drawn with soft charcoal. In addition to ivory the palette includes an aqua colour (green-light blue), cedar and earthy brown.

Lisio Design


This year’s collection touches on the typical themes of textile art between the late Baroque and Rococo periods: variety of colours, transparency effects inspired by lace, reintroduction of typical embroidery techniques and a focus on the interchange between textiles and light.
Textiles between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were a key feature of that “mise en scene” whose purpose was to represent the taste and status of the master of the house in the sumptuous interiors of his abode.
Baccarat is a revival of a rich lampas from the first quarter of the eighteenth century, the twin of those which in all probability decorated the opulent palazzos on the Grand Canal.
Martingala is a revisitation of the typical effects and techniques of the most sophisticated embroidery used in the Age of Enlightenment. Zecchinetta is a product of the inspiration gained from magnificent Venetian lace. Finally Biribiss introduces embroidery in its most refined and multicoloured form.

Biribiss. Embroidered silk
19979 - Biribiss. Embroidered silk

1 colour | 56%se 44%vi | width 140 cm | rep.80 cm
Silk embroidered with elegant bouquets in many exuberant colours. The pattern of the flowers, a faithful reproduction of eighteenth-century models, is rendered with that array of stitches featured in the sumptuous embroidery that was very fashionable in Venice between the Baroque and Rococo periods. To accentuate its luxuriousness an all-manual embroidery technique was preferred, the only one whereby it was possible to compete with the original models produced by lively eighteenth-century creativity.

Zecchinetta. Lampas
19978 - Zecchinetta. Lampas

6 colours | 32%vi 25%ac 24%se19%li | width 140 cm | rep. 101cm
A textile revival of the decorations which embellished the magnificent lace produced in Venice in the eighteenth century. Recognisable in the ornamentation is a myriad of small motifs, typical of the Rocaille style repertoire which, in elegant arrangements on the surface, create richness, a variety of effects, transparency and unexpected highlighting. The taste of refined Venetian Rococo is expressed in all this, drawn by the lightness and transparency in a constant exchange with the light.

Martingala. Liseré
19977 - Martingala. Liseré

5 colours | 73%co 16%se11%pl | width 140 cm | rep.68,3 cm
A liseré which features the characteristic raised and transparent effects of embroidery. The stitches, furrowing the shiny silk surface, trace a classical style decoration, with elegant cornices framing a wide variety of dotted motifs which create curves, spirals and leaves. A sophisticated, stylish and understated pattern as a strong feature of the fabric in which the luminosity of the silk ground skilfully trades off with the raised areas and shading that alternate on the surface.

Baccarat. Lampas
19980 - Baccarat. Lampas

3 colours | 57% vi 16%co13%se 10%ac 4%pm | width 135 cm | rep.56,3 cm
Fabric with a Rococo influence whose decoration develops in a winding rise of floral elements and cornices, either golden or silvered. Metallic and polychrome wefts are woven in the silk to construct ornamentation in a constant discourse with light. The various versions offer the typical colours of an age of great refinement such as the eighteenth century, during which this lampas was used in the most luxurious furnishings and noblest interiors. The fabric is the exact transcription of an original conserved in the Rubelli historical archives.