Rubelli Venezia

Substance and extravagance

In response to an always more intuitive lifestyle, and for the expressive and innovative period to come, the Rubelli 2015 collection invites us to emotional conversations, visual as well as tactile, with our interiors. Manifest elegance, rising from the conviction that substance and extravagance are at the heart of Rubelli’s fundamental values, honours the extraordinary abilities of Italian creation and production, and comes to life simultaneously in the past, present and future.

Inspired by different artistic movements, this collection focuses on the materialization of colour thanks to new textured yarns, and demonstrates how weaving – like tapestry, embroidery, painting or ceramics – is an aesthetic totality, of composition, colour and matter. For suspended moments of velvet colours, complemented by tweeds in ceramics hues and a straw-like texture seemingly absorbed by the fabric, minimalistic and baroque brocades or damasks in a delicate range of bright colours shaped by a chiaroscuro, a ‘toile of Venice’ narrating reveries on a jacquard soaked in light…

A collection that is profound yet light, tender or tough at times, sophisticated or simple yet always elegant, exhilarating and sometimes discreet… such as life!

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