Rubelli Venezia

A Stiller Life

The still life is making a remarkable return. The positioning of containers and vases into a single landscape becomes a contemplative work of art. A collection of everyday objects creates a dialogue, with even the space between the objects becoming a form. And collecting is influencing creative consumers who are out to transform their space into a museum house.

The still life assembles different palettes and variations of texture, inspiring interior design to combine contrasting elements of colour and materials within one composition. Bringing tweeds together with metallics, aged silks with decorative embroideries, and ornate historical jacquards with splashes of artistic patterns. Thus past and future are superimposed in a calm, imaginative atmosphere for the present.

The mood is shifting towards a quieter and introverted lifestyle made up of nuances and tactilities. A need for intimacy and subtlety in interiors, where all energies are focused towards a better quality of life and a more content existence.

A truly contemporary tranquility that is beyond minimal, maximising bold forms with an almost human quality. An abstract aesthetic that gives life to rich materials and opulent textures in a quest for an ultimate modernist luxury that is rather understated, created for an inner stiller life.

Violetta Donnafugata Venier Vague Sumi Lady Hamilton Kiki Gritti Dripping Lacca Donnafugata Faber Vello d Oro Candalù Candalù Carlo Donnafugata Bloody Mary



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