Dominique Kieffer

Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli

2014-2015 Collection

The Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli collection comes out from two worlds meeting.
The magic of Rubelli, built on a savoir-faire that has its roots from the past.
And the colourful, eclectic and unconventional world of Paola Navone.
These two worlds often sought each other out and came together in the past, with curiosity and enchanted by each other.
With the skilful artisan of the Kieffer brand, today Paola Navone, as a textile non-specialist, has created a nomadic and imaginative collection, inspired by a world without boundaries.
Smooth and shiny fabrics like sheets of metal. Or raw and slightly shabby.
Ultra-soften linen. Full-bodied and texturized tweed. Soft and quilted cotton.
Drawn-thread linen where a pulled thread creates patterns never seen before.
Precious fabrics in which irregularity and imperfection become creative and ironic concessions to decoration.
A palette of soft shades which Paola Navone contaminates with colours full of energy.
It occurs that streaks of orange, fuchsia and fluo yellow appear unexpectedly in the weaves of fabric with a traditional soul.
Perhaps distraction. Or even irony.
One is tempted to touch every fabric to understand how it is made and which small story is hidden behind it.
There is also the temptation to mix petroleum blue, grey blue, orange, turquoise, teal fabrics...

And to imagine a special and creative palette of weaves and colours, just as Paola Navone has.

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