Dominique Kieffer

Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli

2013-2014 Collection

The natural white tones which have always been a part of the Kieffer heritage.
Then all the colours of water. Grey and brackish green.
Brown and red, the colours of spices.
Acid green and purple red.
Colours at times saturated and full-textured, other times desaturated and powdery.
Then black and white and unexpected shades inspired by far-off worlds.

This incredible palette provides the colour for the fabrics of the Kieffer 2013-2014 collection.
The many types of linen, soft and super-fine or thick and full-bodied.
The soft velvet with a sensual feel.
The thick and textural cotton with a patchwork pattern.
And the light and bright chintz.

Colour contaminates fabrics in endless ways.
It transforms them and brings them to life.
It makes them unique.
Solid colours. A pattern of slim or very wide stripes. Or almost scratched, black on white.

Transparent fabrics like gauze.
White or with very light decorations, like shadows traced by the light passing through.

The entire collection inspires experiments into unusual coordination.
For assonance or quirky contrasts.

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